Joint-Logistics-Over-The-Shore (JLOTS)

In March 2002 Airfields and Pavements Branch, CEERD-GM-A demonstrated the performance and installation of the Multipurpose (MP) mats during a Joint-Logistics-Over-The-Shore (JLOTS) at Camp Pendleton, CA. TECO, also joined the APB team to evaluate the mats and got feedback from the solders working with the mats. The APB team met and briefed the 32nd Trans Group, 24th Trans Battalion, 7th Trans Group, and 801st Engineer Company. On-site training was offered to the soldiers a few hours before the mat installation.

To evaluate the MP mat performance under a 140-ton crane load (approximately 195,000 lbs.), the MP mats were placed over an irregular surface a 7-in deep rut was cut into the ground. The MP mats were placed over the rut. During the test the MP mats Flexed and adopted the surface contour when the crane was crossing. Once the crane passed over, the mats returned to their original condition. Most of the spectators were speechless. One Sergeant Major said “If I wouldn’t have seen it with my own eyes I would have never believed it. A Panel about a quarter of an inch thick holding up to this load”.

Two road sections were built using MP mats. The first MP section provided a connection between the Elevated Causeway System (ELCAS) pier and the checkpoint road. This section was 234-ft long and 24-ft wide. The second MP mat road provided access from the Splash Point area to the checkpoint road. It was 618-ft long by 12-ft wide. Approximate 190 trucks, 254 trailer trucks, and 523 HMMWV’s forklift, and other equipment used the MP mat roadways.

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