7th Transportation puts MP Matting to the test during the TRANS LOTS training at Ft. Eustis.

Unloading and tracking of supplies is an important part of any military deployment. Having the ability to do so without a deepwater port is a challenge. To help meet this challenge MP Matting was used to make a Splash Point and a Staging Area.

MIKE Boats were used to bring supplies ashore on pallets and in shipping containers. Forklifts were used to unload pallets and a RTCH was used to unload shipping containers. MP Matting made unloading the MIKE Boats passable by giving both the forklift and RTCH a stable working platform for the operator. The MP Matting gave excellent traction under both wet and dry conditions.

Once unloaded the supplies were moved to a staging area, loaded on to trucks by forklifts, and moved to their final destinations.

MP Matting truly is a A Multipurpose Matting designed to handle heavy equipment over soft soil.

Whatever your needs we have the Matting System to meet yours .

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