GFI has successfully demonstrated a new FRP Matting System for
Airfield Damage Repair (ADR).


The system was demonstrated in August 2008 at Tyndall Air Force Base, Fla. Testing was made more difficult due to wet field conditions following hurricane activity. Swamp like conditions adding an element of realism to the scenario.

This new airfield repair system incorporates two FRP Panels which are joined together to form any size FOD cover that may be required. The mats are lightweight and easily transportable. As the crater is filled with crushed rock the Mats are joined together. The mats are then towed over the creator and anchored to the undamaged runway.
A crater can be repaired in less than four hours. This means airfields can be quickly repaired and returned to service, ensuring continuous air support for our troops.

After the repair was completed, the craters were trafficked with a C-17 load cart. After 350 passes the mats were inspected and no mat damage was found. This far exceeds the required expedient repair threshold of 100 passes and the objective of 200 passes.

This FRP Matting system is now deployed to US Marine Bases as part of the ADR Kit.

To learn more go to  1-870-741-6334