GFI inc and the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers WESCE recently teamed up to participate in a field evaluation of helicopter landing zones. The objective of the project was to reduce FOD (flying object debris) which is dangerous and damaging to our military operations.

NEW>>> Rapid Runway Repair
A new FRP Matting System for
Airfield Damage Repair (ADR).

Seeing a CH-47 helicopter landing on a 5000 square foot TRAX PLUS landing pad was a sight to see and a very proud moment. Our team at GFI, inc. with years of experience continue to exceed the expectations of some of our most demanding customers in the world including the USA military.


The Blackhawk also put TRAX PLUS to the test.

A team of two can deploy 800 square feet per man hour using no special tools or equipment.
Simply place the TRAX PLUS, insert the bushing, tighten and your are ready to roll!


GFI, inc. developing long-term team work with the US Military using American technology and providing a made in the USA product TRAX PLUS.
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